Spring is almost here!

How did it get to be March!  Wow, the year has really passed by so quickly.  I've been keeping busy working on new designs between my travels so far this year.  Went to Mexico in January for a well needed vacation after the madness of the holiday season.   Then headed out with a few friends to LA in February and am off on another get-away to NYC this weekend.  This one will really break the bank as my friend is a major shopaholic...I guess that's what credit cards are for!


I've applied for a few shows this year, so far I've confirmed the One of a Kind Show here in Vancouver, just waiting to hear about the rest.  I'll give you a hint though, I'll probably be in Edmonton in May and will most likely take a trip out to Calgary to visit some of my stores.  I'm also crossing my fingers on another but but don't want to give that one away just yet!


Did a bit of an update on the website, just wanted to lighten it up for the year.   I'm looking into possibly having some sort of on line shopping available on my site.  I didn't realize there are so many things to consider, so many price points, options, etc!  I just want to have a few items available for purchase if need be.  Any recommendations for 'do it yourself' shopping carts would be appreciated!



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