New Pics, t o o d l e s & Other Ramblings....


Finally took a few new pics of some of the new bracelet styles I've been working on.  There would be more but they were a hot item at the Harmony Arts Festival!  t o o d l e s made a big splash as well at the show, was lucky enough to have Diana Krall and Elvis Costello pop by the booth and pick up four pairs of these earrings!  Yay t o o d l e s!!!  So far t o o d l e s  is available at Shop Cocoon, Rain Salon & Boutique, Rebel Rebel and coming soon to Shisomiso!


Working on sending out those wholesale orders from Calgary and Toronto from my trip last month.   New jewels coming soon, I promise!!!  Also keeping busy with doing some small website updates.  I created a page to showcase those special One of a Kind pieces that I create every so often when inspiration hits me.  Definately not the focus of my work but I do have so much fun designing these pieces.   I will most definitely have a good selection of these at the One of a Kind show, how fitting!  Been building up my collection of vintage bits and baubles, going to be fabulous!


I'm heading out to Las Vegas this weekend and then off to tour around Sedona, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.  Gonna be smokin' hot out there (40+C) but the 1/2 Filipino in me loves the heat!  Have a few secret shopping spots in Vegas that I hit up when I'm there, keep an eye out for lots of new designs this fall.  I'm taking some time off from shows this fall to focus on designing new pieces, get an on-line store going and maybe catch up on that accounting....okay, maybe not the last one!  I might not make it "showless" until the OOAK Vancouver show in December so if I do jump in on another event I'll definitely keep you posted!