Make It Calgary! Indie Shopping Event!

Hello Calgary!  It's been a while, so sorry I missed you this spring.  That just means I'll have so many new jewels for you!  I'll have TOODLEBUNNY's little sister line t o o d l e s with me, I believe I have over 90 styles of these cheap and cheerful earring styles that are easy on the eyes and pocketbook too!  Most styles are $20 - $30!  A few new TOODLEBUNNY fall styles as well.  The fall jewels have clean lines, crystal quartz points, crescents, and keys oh my!!! Hope you like it!


Looking forward to Make It Calgary, my first time!  I've heard such great things about this show, check out the stellar lineup of over 60 exhibitors showing their handmade wares.


Some of my faves:


Billy Would

Flight Path Designs

Bronsino Designs for Living

Mindan's Designs

Ole Originals

Rave 'N' Iron


Don't forget to print off the coupon to save on the entry fee, you can also save a tree and just show the flyer on your smartphone.  Thats easy!


Please let me know if you're coveting anything.  I recently had a customer at my last show looking for a certain pair of earrings she saw on my website, unfortunatly I hadn't brought them to that particular show. :( my bad!  I have such a wide range of jewels that sometimes I may forget to make or bring a particular design. So if you see something you like, and wanna take a closer look, please let me know!


Sorry for all the !!!!! I guess I'm just really excited about this show!!!!!



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