Thank you Calgary!

Wow!  Thank you so much Calgary!  You really did miss me!  I promise not to stay away for that long, I'll be back to see you in the spring.  In the meantime please pop in to Shisomiso or Indigo Bay in Canmore to find new pieces from TOODLEBUNNY.    t o o d l e s  is now also available in Kensington at Tapestry as well as Indigo Bay in Canmore and Shisomiso also has a tonne of new t o o d l e s earrings available!!! Yay!


A big shout out to those who made the trek from Edmonton to come by the show, you really made my day!  My spidey sense told me you might be coming by, so glad I had that long locket necklace for you!  Until next time my friends! xo T

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