DIY Owl Stuffy Buddies

Guess I've got a bit of time on my hands now that I'm all done for the season!  No reason not to get busy with a little DIY for the holidays.  I usually manage to get to the local craft shows and pick up some neat things for the kiddies on my list but was on the road this year and missed the boat.  

I stopped by Woven Studios for a visit to my buddies Meghan of Identity Apparel and Tiffany of Bangers and Mash.  Meghan had made me a quilted carrying case for my credit card machine that I had inadvertantly dropped a few weeks back... 15 minutes before the start of the Toronto One of a Kind show. Took four days to get a replacement but that's another story in itself!  This new case will keep my new machine safe and sound, thanks Megs!!! Anyhoo, I was able to dig through a pile of scrap fabric on my visit, some jersey, wool melton, and faux shearling.  I eagerly drove home dreaming up ideas for my 'owl stuffies'.

With the help of Google images I was able to take inspiration from a few and make my own.  I drew a pattern and cut out a templated from a large paper bag.  I like the ski goggle eyes and the 'Mr. Potato Head' body parts.  Keep it Simple!   

Okay, I know, this isn't a very good DIY cause I didn't take any step by step photos, sorry!  So I cut two of the body, one 'goggle mask', two 'mushroom' eyes, one nose, two arms and two feet.  I folded the fabric right sides together and cut two pieces at once.  Started with the front outside piece and topstitched on the 'arms'.  Then lay the feet upside down on top of the arms (outside fabric) so that when you stich the two pieces of fabric together the feet will be on the inside until you turn it right side out.  (picture would have been perfect for that one, I know!)I topstiched on the mushroom eyes on the faux shearling as well as the nose, and then stiched the 'goggles' onto the frontside above the wings.  Pin the two owl outlines together, good side inside (the feet will be inside too), and stiched it all around leaving a 3 inch gap.  I stuffed with polyfil I had from a new pillow I never made a cover for and did an invisible stitch closure.


Two gifts, no dollars just love and time!