Photography - March Meet the Maker Day 13

I thought I'd participate in Joanne Hawker's March Meet the Maker this spring as a way to get me to be more active with my social media.  Its a month long challenge of creative posting on Instagram, digging deeper into more about you as a maker and how you run your business.  Some of the challenges are #handsatwork, #branding, #reducingwaste, #howitsmade, #photography and many more.  Today's challenge is photography and I'm finally getting into the swing of things with my posts.  Although I still haven't thought too much ahead to plan the posts in advance, I think it's getting me to post more which is the whole point of the challenge.  I'm not gonna lie, some of these posts were hard.  The ones that kind of were more about 'me' than my work.  But I made it through and faced those demons.  Ha ha.


I take all my photos with my phone. Years ago I used to use a half decent digital camera and edit on my laptop but I haven't done that in years. My photos are usually just taken in my studio with no additional lighting, occasionally and overhead spotlight. I have super bright fluorescent lights overhead and I do most of my flat-lays on one of my display counters. I have a little curio collection of black iron and brass smalls for props, those hands are my favourite! I stand on a rattan stool for overhead shots so theres no shadows. Point and shoot.  That's it for the most part other than a little editing in my stock camera app and their good to go!