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TOODLEBUNNY Designs is a unique handcrafted collection by Vancouver based jewellery designer Trudy Wynans.

Launched in the spring of 2006, TOODLEBUNNY Designs is an imaginative jewellery collection with feminine yet edgy pieces. Clean lines and bold simplicity are combined with whimsical charms creating modern adornments. The pieces vary from being simple and pretty to ones that are a bit more rock n’ roll…something for every woman.

Featuring vintage brass, 14k gold fill and gunmetal chains, her asymmetrical designs embody natural elements of bone, wood, horn and semiprecious stones. She draws her inspiration from nature’s flora and fauna, evidenced by the use of birds, leaves and tusks that have become signatures of her designs. Her style is ever changing, keeping TOODLEBUNNY Designs fresh and modern.